Saturday, October 18, 2008

Help Shape DrawR

We're looking to make DrawR even better and we need your help. From time to time you'll notice a survey on this blog that will ask for your opinion on what kind of features, or improvements you're most interested in. Take a moment to give us your opinion, and help shape what DrawR will become.


  1. I'm getting a lot of enjoyment out of the application, in particular the tracing mode. I hope you are making progress on your plans to enhance it.

  2. Here are a few specific requests that would increase the value of the application for me:

    * Option to rotate a tracing image (for verticals)
    * Undo/Redo (with a long finger swipe L/R?)
    * Turn etch-a-sketch controls off
    * Vector format (SVG) export (I know this is difficult)

    Thanks again.

  3. Eliot, thanks for your post and suggestions. Joe & I have gotten back in gear and are working on DrawR 2 specs. We are definitely planning on being able to control tracing images more, as well as a eraser / undo feature. The gesture for that is still up in the air. We are also implementing a "classic mode" which would essentially toggle the drawing dials. Tons of new elements as well. Watch this space for more information. Sorry for the long delay - I'm not used to getting posts on this blog!

  4. It would be great to remove the double tap to view options, as this keeps getting in the way of actaully drawing. The issue usually comes up when trying to make a few tiny marks in the same location. I would prefer a tiny on-screen button or a hold down for 5 seconds to bring up the options. Otherwise it seems like a pretty good application.

  5. Guys I love this app. I work construction so taking pic making notes offering direction or solution suggestion in line form is fab - picture is worth 1,000 words. It would be great if I could import a PDF or other line drawing, mark it up and forwrd. Also I have trouble finding the
    exact spot to toggle from image to image. Am I not doing somthing correctly? This is great app - thanks! Craig